Personalized Marketing is the Future

Personalized Marketing is a direct targeting technique that is used to increase relevance and engagement among readers. This builds trust and improves sales rapidly.

Many companies like Starbucks already doing this from long time.

Remember Starbucks writes the customer name of the Cup. It’s a kind of personalization to make the customer proud of themself.

As soon as they get the coffee cup. They will post in Social Media.

Don’t trust me ?

Here I have searched for the Hashtag #starbucksname and there are around 9k post with that.

And I’m sure people are posting with different hashtag.

Negative Side of Starbucks, Which is also Marketing.

Most of the Time people complain about typo in their name.

I’m not sure Starbucks is intentionally doing this. But this doubles their brand reach in social media.

Just because their name has typo they will post in social media by mentioning the Starbucks.

Quick search of #starbucksnamefail returned me 27k+ Post in Instagram.

Ok, The above example is for Offline Store and Businesses.

Impact of Personalization in Digital

Where the Personalization is used in Digital Marketing or Digital Business?

For Example:

Sending an Email with the User Firstname is Personalization.

You can even see it in the Subject line.

This can improved more with Email Content Personalization. Like below

But we are stopped right here.

What if we can use the existing user data to move further with Website or Landing Page Personalization.

Yes. You can do that with Personalizery.

Personalize with Ease.

Personalizery lets you personalize the content or blog post with the user details which can obviously help you to build trust and improve sales.

You know, Sometimes Live Demo is more than bigger blog post.

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